Frequently Asked

Browse questions and answers regarding Techsalerator's business solutions and functionality.

Does Techsalerator have geolocation data?

Yes, we have geolocation data in 83 countries.

Can Techsalerator data be traced over time?

Yes, all Techsalerator data is time-traceable. Each piece of data has a universal identifier and a timestamp that establishes the date at which the record was created, deleted, edited, etc.

Does Techsalerator have a DataShop/ Data Marketplace ?

Yes. You can visit the Techsalerator DataShop at

Can you enhance my B2B/B2C customer databases? In which countries, and with what information?

We deal with B2B and B2C telephone data enhancements. In most countries of the world we provide the following information for B2B: national number, legal form, date established, business code and description, language(s), turnover and number of employees. We also provide non-marketable DNCM (Do Not Call Me) flag, SEO flag, and import/export flag. For B2C, we provide the following: date of birth, income group, language(s), and non-marketable DNCM (Do Not Call Me) flag.

What are the delivery timeframe for a count? For a database?

All the counts that are not listed on the Techsalerator site are available as the standard deliveries are available within three working days.

Who can I contact in the event of connection / slow network issues?

First of all check that the connection problem is not linked to your provider. If not, get in touch:

How many e-mail addresses do you have and in which countries?

The information is available and in real time for each countries.

In which countries are these Techsalerator services available?

Techsalerator's data services are available in 219 countries. To Find out which countries Techsalerator services are available in, please email us at:

Does Techsalerator have businesses' financial data?

Yes, Techsalerator has financial information for all countries and provides you with data such as turnover, number of employees set-up date, etc.

Does Techsalerator comply with data protection laws?

Yes, the databases managed by Techsalerator are the subject of declarations (data protection, telecom regulators, telecom ombudsmen, etc.). This means that any person who asks may exercise their right to view, remove, amend or add data in accordance with the law. Any companies processing automated data on databases that we provide or sell to them are also required to observe the data protection laws in the same way as Techsalerator. In other words, Techsalerator's compliance with the law does not exempt its customers from complying with it.

Can I enhance my databases (B2C or B2B) automatically? In which countries?

Yes, for B2B it is possible to do this directly from the Corporate website, by batch or by transaction. B2C enhancements must go through a commercial contact in order to clarify the need and the nature of the input/output enhancement (often variable from one customer to another).

I would like to carry out a B2C/B2B telemarketing campaign. What information can you provide? How often can I obtain data updates?

For B2B, it is possible to select the following information: geographic area, number of employees, turnover, website, SEO, language(s), business sector, legal form, etc. For B2C, it is possible to select the following information: age, household composition, language(s), car owner, type of vehicle, landline telephone subscribers, cellphone subscribers, Internet subscribers, heating system used, cable television subscribers, income, type of house, garden, owner, tenant, house moves and changes of address, geographic area, town, region, and population density. Infobel also has landline and cellphone numbers, and filters the numbers on the DNCM (Do Not Call Me) list free of charge. You can do updates every month, quarter, six months or once a year.

There is a service interruption - who can I contact?

Please contact us here: