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Techsalerator's Corporate Actions Dataset in Malawi offers a comprehensive collection of data fields related to corporate actions, providing valuable insights for investors, traders, and financial institutions. This dataset includes crucial information about the various financial instruments of all 16 companies traded on the Malawi Stock Exchange (XMSW).

Top 5 used data fields in the Corporate Actions Dataset for Malawi:

- Dividend Declaration Date: The date on which a company's board of directors announces the dividend payout to its shareholders. This information is crucial for investors who rely on dividends as a source of income.

- Stock Split Ratio: The ratio by which a company's shares are split to increase liquidity and affordability. This field is essential for understanding changes in share structure.

- Merger Announcement Date: The date on which a company officially announces its intention to merge with another entity. This field is crucial for investors assessing the impact of potential mergers on their investments.

- Rights Issue Record Date: The date on which shareholders must be on the company's books to be eligible for participating in a rights issue. This data helps investors plan their participation in fundraising events.

- Bonus Issue Ex-Date: The date on which a company's shares start trading without the value of the bonus issue. This information is vital for investors to adjust their portfolios accordingly.

Top 5 corporate actions in Malawi:

 Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Some companies in Malawi have conducted IPOs to raise capital and list their shares on the Malawi Stock Exchange. IPOs provide companies with funds for expansion and offer the public an opportunity to invest in them.

Mergers and Acquisitions: M&A activities involve companies merging with or acquiring other companies. These actions can lead to market consolidation, synergy opportunities, and changes in the competitive landscape of Malawi's business environment.

Dividend Declarations: Companies declare dividends to distribute a portion of their profits to shareholders. Dividends can be in the form of cash or additional shares, and they offer investors a way to earn returns on their investments.

Banking Sector Reforms: Changes in regulations or policies related to the banking sector can lead to corporate actions such as mergers, acquisitions, or restructuring to comply with new rules or to enhance efficiency.

Infrastructure Projects: Investments in infrastructure, such as energy, transportation, and telecommunications, can result in significant corporate actions, including partnerships between local and international companies to undertake projects that contribute to economic development.

Top 5 financial instruments with corporate action Data in Malawi

Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) Main Index: The main index that tracks the performance of domestic companies listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange. This index would provide insights into the performance of the local market.

Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE) Foreign Company Index: The index that tracks the performance of foreign companies listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange, if foreign listings were present. This index would give an overview of foreign business involvement in Malawi.

ShopWell Stores Malawi: A Malawi-based supermarket chain with operations in multiple regions. ShopWell Stores Malawi focuses on providing essential products to local communities and contributing to the retail sector's growth.

FinancePlus Malawi: A financial services provider in Malawi with a focus on promoting financial inclusion and access to banking services, particularly among underserved communities.

AgriSeeds Malawi: A company dedicated to advancing agricultural technology in Malawi, focusing on optimizing crop yields and improving food security to support the country's agricultural sector.

If you're interested in accessing Techsalerator's End-of-Day Pricing Data for Malawi, please contact with your specific requirements. Techsalerator will provide you with a customized quote based on the number of data fields and records you need. The dataset can be delivered within 24 hours, and ongoing access options can be discussed if needed.

Data fields included:

  • Dividend Declaration Date
  • Stock Split Ratio
  • Merger Announcement Date
  • Rights Issue Record Date
  • Bonus Issue Ex-Date
  • Stock Buyback Date
  • Spin-Off Announcement Date
  • Dividend Record Date
  • Merger Effective Date
  • Rights Issue Subscription Price



How much does the Corporate Actions Dataset cost in Malawi?

The cost of the Corporate Actions Dataset may vary depending on factors such as the number of data fields, the frequency of updates, and the total records count. For precise pricing details, it is recommended to directly consult with a Techsalerator Data specialist.

How complete is the Corporate Actions Dataset coverage in Malawi?

Techsalerator provides comprehensive coverage of Corporate Actions Data for various companies and securities traded on the Malawi Stock Exchange. The dataset encompasses major corporate actions announced by entities in the Malawi market.

How does Techsalerator collect this data?

Techsalerator collects Corporate Actions Data from reliable sources, including company announcements, regulatory filings, and financial news outlets. The data is carefully curated to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Can I select specific financial instruments or multiple countries with Techsalerator's Corporate Actions Dataset?

Techsalerator offers the flexibility to select specific financial instruments or focus on corporate actions in Malawi. While the dataset primarily covers Malawi market, Techsalerator may provide data for other countries and international markets upon request.

How do I pay for this dataset?

Techsalerator accepts various payment methods, including credit cards, direct transfers, ACH, and wire transfers, facilitating a convenient and secure payment process.

How do I receive the data?

Techsalerator provides the Corporate Actions Data through multiple delivery methods, such as FTP, SFTP, S3 bucket, or email, ensuring easy access and integration into your systems. The dataset is available in formats like JSON, CSV, TXT, or XLS, allowing seamless data processing.


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