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Techsalerator provides an extensive database of contact information and data for all 808 businesses located in Antigua And Barbuda. This comprehensive database comprises important details such as generic email addresses, company phone numbers, and the company's profiles on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. This useful contact information resource can be used to establish connections with businesses of all sizes, enhance your existing business data knowledge, or verify the accuracy of a company's contact information.

Top 5 used data fields in the Business Contact Database in Antigua And Barbuda:

-Company Phone

-Company Email

-Company Linkedin  URL

-Company Website  URL

-Company Fax  Number

Top 5 companies in Antigua And Barbuda with Business Contact Data:

1: Antigua Commercial Bank - A commercial bank that provides various financial services, including loans, savings, and investment products.

2: Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank - A commercial bank that provides personal and business banking services.

3: LIAT - A regional airline that operates flights to various destinations in the Caribbean.

4: West Indies Oil Company - An oil and gas distribution company that supplies fuel to various industries, including aviation, marine, and automotive.

5: Antigua Brewery Ltd. - A beverage company that produces and distributes a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, and soft drinks.

Are you interested in accessing our Business Contact Data in Antigua And Barbuda? Let us know your target audience, and we will provide you with a complimentary quote. To get started, email us at Once you have selected the data you want, confirm it by replying to our email, and we will deliver the database (in Excel) to you within 24 hours or discuss the annual licensing and subscription cost. If you have any other questions or would like to explore data for a different city or country, our team of data experts can assist you as we cover Direct Contact Data of Business Titles for every country worldwide.

Data fields included:

  • Company Legal  Name
  • Company Trade  Name
  • Company phone  Number
  • Company Email
  • Company Linkedin  URL
  • Company Website  URL
  • Company Twitter  URL
  • Company Fax  Number
  • Revenue
  • Number of  employees
  • Years in Business
  • Business Industry


How much does the Business Contact dataset cost in Antigua And Barbuda?

The cost of this dataset depends on the number of fields, the total records count, and whether you are looking to receive data updates. It is better to discuss directly with a Techsalerator Data specialist.

How complete is the Business Contact Dataset coverage in Antigua And Barbuda?

Techsalerator covers the contacts of businesses themselves in100% of all commercially and legally active entities in the country.

How does Techsalerator collect this data?

Techsalerator collects data from a wide variety of sources. This ranges from public records, Telco Data, 3rd party data as well as direct publishers across the globe.

Can I select a category of business or multiple countries at once with Techsalerator Contact Data?

Techsalerator can target any industry or type of company globally. We cover categories of businesses based on the SIC categorization, NACE Categorization as well as our own Techsalerator business categorization.

How do I pay for this dataset?

We allow all types of payments ranging from credit card or direct transfer/ACH/Wire.

How do I receive the data?

We provide this dataset via all FTP, SFTP, S3 bucket or via email if needed. The format available for this set is in .json, .csv, .txt or .xls.


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